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Savings Management

The most appropriate investment proposals based on your financial needs

Founded in the first half of the 1990s, Banca Intermobiliare's savings management company, Symphonia SGR, has made a name for itself in Italy's savings sector by launching a wide, diversified range of products and services.

The management team's experience, rigorous methods and a proactive approach to markets have enabled Symphonia SGR to achieve excellent results over time.

Symphonia SGR can offer a highly personalised and flexible service to meet its clientele's wide variety of needs.

Investment services
Portafolio management

Symphonia SGR has developed a sophisticated range of Portfolio Management solutions to offer an excellent service with various degrees of personalisation.

  • Balanced management lines: these can boast a fifteen-year track record and are based on a "value" approach characterised by stock and bond picking.
  • V.A.R. (Variable Asset & Risk) management lines: these provide access to really flexible products because they are based on highly diversified instruments selected based on quantitative technical and discretionary decisions in order to optimise a dynamic allocation of assets.
  • Portfolio Strategy management lines: a "made-to-measure" service is available for Clients who can then be involved in the investment process and changes in their own asset allocation, including the possibility to invest in more innovative sectors and instruments that can provide an effective diversification of risk.
  • Personalised management lines: these offer private Clients the opportunity of a dedicated management team and access to a highly personalised and exclusive service, the real strength of which is that it ensures a constant match with their needs.
  • The aim of diversification of investments is to preserve the value of wealth over time and has been designed to take maximum advantage of favourable market opportunities, an approach that Clients can verify thanks to a transparent and timely reporting and risk analysis service. 


Collective products (UCI - Undertaking for Collective Investment)

The wide, diversified range of UCI proposals is based on the same management approach used for individual proposals, namely, it draws on the management team's professional competency, experience and operating method. This is coupled with the fundamental value approach that Symphonia has always adopted  plus sound quantitative risk management and systematic asset allocation techniques and models. 

To round out its proposal of directly managed collective products, in recent years Symphonia has decided to  cooperate with third-party management companies to manage investments of some of its own funds. This has led to a series of solid partnerships that exploit mutual professionalism and competencies.

  • Italian collective investment funds
    3 share-based funds
    5 flexible funds
    6 bond-based funds
    1 multi-manager funds
  • Hedge funds
    3 single manager
    1 mixed funds
  • Luxembourg SICAV 
    1 Balanced
    2  share sectors
    7 flexible sectors