Corporate Finance

From the time it was launched in 1997, the Banca Intermobiliare Corporate Finance area has managed over 200 assignments for transactions amounting in total to more than 4 billion euros.

The Corporate Finance team comprises highly qualified, independent professionals with experience in investment banking and company and industrial consultancy sectors.

Corporate Finance has successfully completed numerous M&A and Family Buy-out operations in the automotive, healthcare, facility management, illumination engineering and food sectors. It has acted as the financial consultant in project and acquisition finance operations for private and municipalised companies active in the renewable energy and infrastructure sectors and has finalised Equity Capital Market (IPO, takeovers and capital increases) operations in the finance, consumer goods, media, food and agricultural sectors.

Mergers and acquisitions

Banca Intermobiliare acts as a strategic consultant and financial advisor in support of companies whose plans for growth involve external operations – by means of merger or acquisition of shares, entire companies or parts of them. It assists Clients in finding and assessing the target and in negotiations with the seller, right through to completion of the deal concerned.

Banca Intermobiliare collaborates with Clients to find financial partners to provide resources required for company reorganisations and/or Family Buy-outs, or investment capital to develop growth plans.

Financial consultancy

This service focuses on providing support to companies for their main financial requirements: 

  •  preparation of business plans, including identifying the correct financial structure;
  •  company evaluations and fairness opinions;
  •  feasibility studies concerning integration, restructuring or development plan processes;
  •  certification of financial plans in project financing operations.

 Banca Intermobiliare handles complex financing operations to be presented to disbursing banks (medium-term credit institutions or leading commercial banks that operate in the structured finance field).

Equity Capital Markets

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of stock markets and its role of Italian Stock Exchange Equity Partner, Banca Intermobiliare helps companies obtain listing in organised markets. Activities range from feasibility studies with the role of Advisor or Sponsor to the placement of shares as Global Coordinator and, following the IPO, acting as a Specialist and Corporate Broker for the shares concerned.