Advisory Services

Proactive advisory services: your position is always under control

Proactive Advisory is the Banca Intermobiliare service that guarantees a unique, personalised wealth management approach.

The team focusing on Proactive Advisory Services agrees the most appropriate investment strategies with the Client and constantly monitors markets to ensure timely and flexible reallocation of assets. This service can be personalised and implemented according to various levels of operation. Personal Financial Advisory and Advisory Plus are among the most recent innovations in this field.

Personal Financial Advisory

Personal Financial Advisory is aimed at the investor looking for maximum personalised and dynamic management. A service intended for the upper segment of our clientele in which the Client is not only assisted by a Private Banker but also by a team of qualified managers and analysts:

  • constantly engaged in monitoring markets and Client positions;
  • available to propose highly personalised operating and trading solutions for the Client. 

The service includes advanced reporting and risk management tools normally adopted in a professional management approach.  

Advisory Plus

To give the Client maximum support Banca Intermobiliare has created an operating model focused on an innovative integrated position reporting system that covers positions held in all dossiers and in all technical forms: securities, wealth management, insurance instruments, open-end investment company units and any credit lines granted by the Bank.

Advisory Plus integrated reporting is then enhanced by sections that allow for both analysis of the overall position at several levels (by asset class, by currency, by bond maturity, etc.) and monitoring of yields achieved, in a flexible manner over a given period of time.

Thanks to Value at Risk (VaR) Banca Intermobiliare makes available an indicator summarising the risk for the investor's entire position that can always be used to analyse the contribution to risk of individual positions and therefore check if these are adequately diversified.